When I started in this world I was only PayPal. For me it was the only processor and the one that met all my needs. Until I started trying other payment processors. Payza, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill... The fan is huge. The recommendation I give you now is that you use several processors. It is not necessary to have an account in all but I do see it important to diversify.
Why diversify? First of all we already know that PayPal does not want to relate to some pages of making money (especially the PTCs). Then in some pages we will have no choice but to use other processors if we will collect our profits. Secondly because in PayPal we do not have a card and in the rest of the processors we do. They are MasterCard cards that can be used to spend money in physical stores (also in online stores) or to withdraw money at ATMs. With PayPal we can only transfer the money to our bank account (at least in Spain). And thirdly because at some point PayPal can give us problems.
There have been many cases where accounts have PayPal frozen...
That's why I recommend that you use several different processors. The operation is very similar in all. If you regularly use PayPal it will not present you with any difficulty adapting to the other processors. And if you have any questions you leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer.